Welltok Spotlights Healthcare Cost Savings for Fortune 500 Client

Employees Achieve 5% Healthier Cholesterol and 7% Better Blood Pressure Levels with Proactive Wellbeing Support

May 26, 2021Welltok, the consumer activation company, announced today that prioritizing employee wellbeing is paying off big for one of its Fortune 500 clients. By providing employees and dependents with personalized, proactive wellbeing support, Welltok is helping reverse health risks and reduce costs with preventive care actions. New outcomes data reveal people who participated in recommended nutrition and exercise programs on the Welltok platform decreased LDL cholesterol rates by 5% and decreased pre-hypertension rates by 7% year over year. Welltok support also led to increased doctor visits, keeping routine screenings and health checks on track. 

One of the company’s employees shared, “several years ago when my cholesterol total was high enough to need medicine, I decided a lifestyle change was better. I joined a local gym and started exercising by walking on a treadmill several times a week. In 6 months, my cholesterol total went down about 30 points. Then, about 3 months after that, I started WW through my employer wellbeing program. The combination of WW and exercise helped me lose around 87 pounds and I have kept it off since then.”

Welltok’s Total Wellbeing Solution provides a single destination for employees and dependents to easily access a full suite of benefits and resources supporting all aspects of wellbeing – mental, physical, social and financial health. Consistent outreach and incentives motivate employees to participate throughout the year and drive key actions like increasing physical activity, getting preventive care, participating in community volunteerism, or completing a health risk assessment.

“It’s no secret that high cholesterol and hypertension contribute to costly and chronic conditions, like diabetes and cardiovascular events,” said Emily Hanson, Head of Innovator Relations at EHIR®. “Because this is a priority category for our Members, we have curated a careful list of solutions, like Welltok, to help employers get control of these negative trends and create healthy habits that stick. Wellbeing programs can no longer be considered nice-to-haves, especially as these solutions demonstrate measurable value and positive impact for employers.”

With hypertension costing organizations up to $2,000 per employee annually and early cancer detection trending down, taking a proactive approach pays off in more ways than one. Welltok also significantly increased primary care doctor visits among participants, which contribute to lower healthcare costs by driving preventive care, early detection of health issues, information coordination and more efficient utilization of the system. Additionally, thousands of employees improved biometrics year over year by participating in available programs like exercise challenges, a diabetes prevention program, nutrition counseling and more.

“Results like these are rewarding not only for employees, but for the business as well,” said Jonna Graulich, Senior Director of Market Solutions for Welltok. “With many individuals coming out of the pandemic less healthy overall and more stressed than before, we are going to be facing some very real consequences as a society. These outcomes prove that organization-sponsored wellbeing programs are an effective way to help people get back on track and manage healthcare costs.”

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