Welltok Leverages Predictive Models to Increase Medication Adherence by Up to 85%

Personalized, multi-channel outreach is Welltok’s “prescription” for success

DENVER – March 3, 2020 – Most consumers are medication non-compliant according to the American Medical Association – either never filling a prescription or not taking medication as instructed. And, with the increase in chronic conditions and an aging population, the number of medications to be filled and adhered to are on the rise. By proactively identifying and breaking down potential barriers, Welltok is helping to increase adherence and refill rates by up to 85% with a personalized and multi-channel approach.

Welltok works with the industry’s leading health plans, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), retail and specialty pharmacies to conduct successful medication adherence programs. Welltok starts by combining client’s clinical data and its proprietary consumer database, including social determinants of health, to predict individuals at risk of non-compliance or those most likely to refill with a reminder. The company then conducts targeted outreach through the communication channel(s) they will be most receptive to like email, text and automated voice to drive the targeted actions.

“Medication adherence continues to be a costly challenge for the industry that’s directly dependent on consumers taking action,” said April Gill, senior vice president of market solutions for Welltok. “We’ve found that people’s barriers can typically be addressed with highly automated features like a digital reminder or a mail order option that delivers high returns. By predicting key behaviors such as who will be non-adherent or more likely to use generics, we can create personalized, early interventions that not only save lives, but create business value and reduce operational costs for our clients.”

Welltok runs thousands of predictive models to identify potential barriers, individual risks and needs, and member receptivity to interventions. For example, insights revealed that registered voters are more adherent to their medications and treatment plans than non-voters. And, seniors who reside in areas with a high percentage of widowed people are more likely to be impacted and improve adherence after intervention.

Welltok’s Pharmacy Solution conducts targeted, multi-channel campaigns based on sponsor objectives including:

  • Medication Adherence: identify barriers and deliver barrier-breaking messages and execute Medicare Advantage Stars and Medication Therapy Management (MTM) initiatives
  • Automated Reminders: general reminders, education with refill prompts and transfer to live agents when additional support is needed
  • Formulary Programs: formulary changes, prior authorization and consent for fulfillment
  • Operational Efficiency Programs: order and shipping status/confirmation and account past due
  • Savings Programs: automatic refill/renewal programs, preferred pharmacy, retail-to-mail and 30-90-day programs

Learn more and see real results from medication adherence campaigns by registering here for a solution webinar on March 17 at 1pm ET.

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