Welltok Is the COVID-19 Communications Engine for Vaccine Manufacturers, Insurers, Hospitals and More

Company Engages Millions Across Multiple Channels with Vaccine Education and Awareness, Second-Dose Reminders and Other COVID-Related Campaigns

DENVER, December 21, 2020 – With the greatest public health crisis of our time, it is the responsibility of every healthcare organization to boost COVID-19 testing and vaccine awareness and education campaigns. Welltok, the consumer activation company, is playing an integral role as the communications engine for a number of the largest stakeholders across the healthcare industry. Welltok’s secure platform, featuring a massive consumer database, predictive analytics and integrated nine-channel outreach engine, together with a team of engagement experts, is able to effectively and efficiently reach populations and drive them to take actions like getting tested or vaccinated.  

Welltok has over a decade of experience conducting public health outreach and a proven track record of increasing compliance rates for flu and multi-dose childhood vaccines across all populations. It has also been helping many clients distribute important COVID-19 information and updates since the beginning of the pandemic using multiple channels like text, automated calls (IVR), social media, postcards, email and web/mobile apps. To date, Welltok has deployed millions of outreaches on behalf of health plans, health systems, employers, pharmacies and more to keep consumers informed about COVID-19 and engaged in health and wellbeing activities.

“Most organizations lack the ability to leverage consumer data and industrial-grade integrated technology for predictive analytics and multi-channel engagement such as those used by our experts to drive consumer activation at the massive scale COVID-19 requires” said Bob Fabbio, CEO of Welltok. “This is where Welltok really shines. We have dramatically improved the delivery of relevant and personalized content that maximizes reach and activation for everything from providing educational information and improving wellbeing to closing gaps in care and getting immunized.” 

As widely publicized, minority populations are at a higher risk of getting sick and dying from the virus, yet many remain skeptical about getting vaccinated. Communications strategies tailored to address the concerns of racial and ethnic minorities are critical to bolstering confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine and prompting them to get vaccinated. Welltok’s social determinants of health data combined with predictive analytics can help organizations understand unique risks and needs across all demographics served, as well as identify the optimal channels to engage them. This approach is proven to break down barriers and identify the best ways to motivate and activate people, including those in higher-risk populations.

Welltok’s new COVID-19 vaccine resources will include awareness campaigns like “COVID-19: Get your Vaccination” and “Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe” as well as activity tracking for “Did you get your COVID-19 vaccine?” and “Schedule your COVID-19 Vaccine” for pharmaceutical companies, health insurers, employers and hospitals across the U.S. To keep people engaged and motivated to complete the COVID-19 vaccine dosing series within the appropriate time frame, the company also offers secure messaging programs for second-dose reminder texts and confirmations.

Furthermore, Welltok has partnered directly with COVID-19 testing suppliers to fulfill high-volume orders of at-home saliva kits and on-site nasal swab tests that provide results within minutes. It is also facilitating access to antibody tests, which will be important to administer alongside the COVID vaccine.  

“Getting enough people vaccinated to get back to ‘normal’ will require healthcare organizations to participate in an unprecedented, collaborative effort to inform and educate everyone about the vaccines. To succeed in getting their messages heard will take a personalized, multi-channel communication strategy to reach people with the right call to action that they will pay attention to,” Fabbio added. “Welltok has helped companies across the healthcare industry activate their populations to improve their health and the health of their communities. As a purpose-driven organization, there is no greater purpose right now.”

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Welltok is an award-winning consumer activation solutions company that improves people’s total wellbeing. Only Welltok leverages proprietary data and advanced analytics to engage consumers in personalized and rewarding ways to drive action. Our solutions integrate data-driven SaaS software, curated resources and professional services to help health plans, self-funded employers and health systems support healthier, happier populations.

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