Welltok Further Expands Ecosystem with Seven New Connect Partners

Company Grows Two More High-Value Categories: Musculoskeletal Care and Second Opinion Services

DENVER – June 10, 2020 – Welltok, the consumer activation solutions company, announced the expansion of its Connect Partner Ecosystem in two more benefit categories identified by large employers nationwide as high-priority. Seven partners for musculoskeletal care and second opinion services have been pre-integrated into Welltok’s Consumer Activation Platform®.

Musculoskeletal disorders are the most common cause of job-related disability, and a leading contributor to absenteeism is lower back pain[1]. Hinge Health, Physera and Simple Therapy have been hand-selected to join Telespine in the musculoskeletal category of Welltok’s Connect Partner Ecosystem. Each partner has a varied set of features which can include adaptive exercises, personalized digital support and more. A population analysis helps select the program – or programs – that best fits their people’s needs.

Employers are also seeking to lower health-related costs by offering services that help employees and their dependents to more easily find quality care and get a second opinion. As a result, innovative companies including 2nd.MD, Grand Rounds and PinnacleCare are now part of Welltok’s ecosystem and are readily available within its platform.

“We’re thrilled to continue growing our ecosystem with these tremendous partners that all serve a unique need within their respective categories,” said Bob Fabbio, Welltok’s CEO. “Our goal is to work with the best solutions in the market designed to support people’s total wellbeing. We are making great progress and already delivering significant results for our partners, clients and consumers by connecting the right programs and resources with people who need it most.”

With Welltok’s Connect Partner Ecosystem, employer, health plan and health system clients can conveniently select from a curated list of over 50 programs and resources that cover the full spectrum of total wellbeing from BetterNight (formerly known as Optisom) for sleep improvement to remote condition management. Welltok’s platform uniquely combines social determinants of health and clinical data with machine learning to identify who would benefit from its Connect Partner programs and resources. This intelligent alignment of resources and individual needs not only ensures consumers get access to highly relevant, personalized programs and resources but also optimizes investments of the sponsoring organizations.

Welltok is also continuing to evaluate market needs and vetting additional partners for important categories such as COVID-19 testing, telemedicine, pregnancy, fertility and biometrics.

[1] “Back Pain Fact Sheet”, NINDS

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