Welltok Deploys COVID-19 Communications and Resources Nationwide

Company Leverages Advanced Analytics to Deliver Secure, Targeted Messages Across Multiple Channels on Behalf of Health Plans, Hospitals and Employers

DENVER, March 24, 2020 – Rapid and effective communications are more important than ever to deliver crucial messages around the COVID-19 pandemic. Welltok, a consumer health activation company, has been working with its health plan, provider and employer clients nationwide to effectively and efficiently deploy essential COVID-19 multi-channel communications including critical updates, prevention tips, remote care options and more. Welltok’s unique multi-channel capabilities include text, email, automated voice (IVR), AI chatbot and direct mail, which are all delivered through the company’s HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified systems.

Over the past several weeks and for the foreseeable future, Welltok is closely collaborating with its clients in one or more of the following ways:

  • Critical communications: to support many of its clients’ need to quickly scale its outreach, Welltok created a dedicated COVID-19 communication offering that includes reminders and education about prevention, risk management and mitigation, emotional wellbeing, emergency preparedness and more. Tailored messaging is available for high-risk groups such as older adults or those with chronic conditions. Active campaigns are also connecting individuals to community or organization-based support resources such as nurse lines and employee assistant programs.
  • Coordinated outreach: while health and benefit leaders are zealously working to meet the needs and demands of their members, patients and employees, it is important each organization coordinates outreach across departments to maximize effectiveness. Welltok has been working with clients to reduce consumer abrasion, coordinating and unifying messages for recipients so that they will be most effective and welcomed.
  • Utilization management: organizations are scrambling to defer non-essential in-clinic visits and manage necessary non-COVID-19 appointments like pre-natal care, chronic disease maintenance and vaccinations. By leveraging its social determinants of health database (e.g., demographic, income level, household composition) and predictive modeling, Welltok is helping clients identify individuals within their population who are at higher risk for illness or relapses and connecting them with prevention tools and resources outside of the clinical setting.
  • Medication adherence: skipping critical medications is a rising threat, and one that could lead to more concerning health issues and highs costs in the future. Welltok’s predictive models reveal individuals at risk of medication non-compliance or facing tough financial decisions related to refilling prescriptions that organizations can help overcome. The company is working closely with its pharmacy customers to promote alternative ways for consumers to get medications – by mail order or local deliveries, as well as early medication refills – if available.
  • Total wellbeing support: COVID-19 is top of mind for everyone right now, and the normal daily needs of managing existing conditions, staying physically active, eating healthy, managing stress and feeling connected are more important than ever. As an integrator of health and wellbeing resources, Welltok connects vital resources to consumers such as: meQuilibrium for navigating stress and uncertainty; Telespine for remote back pain management and telehealth coaching; Hello Heart for digital hypertension management; Zipongo for meal kits, ready to eat meals and online grocery delivery; and many more.

“During these uncertain and rapidly changing times, consumers are looking for support and answers from organizations that they expect to partner with them in terms of staying and being healthy,” said Jeff Margolis, chairman and chief executive officer for Welltok. “As a consumer activation company, we are grateful to serve our provider, employer and health plan customers who must ensure that their patients, employees and members have additional guidance and support during these challenging times.”

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