Welltok Announces Partnership with Leading Latin American Insurer Seguros SURA Colombia to Deliver Personalized Wellbeing Experience

DENVER, March 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Welltok, a data-driven, consumer activation company, announced its international expansion into Latin America today with Seguros SURA Colombia, a leading insurance company in Latin America that promotes healthy living through the management of trends and risks in the region. Seguros SURA Colombia selected Welltok to power its new wellbeing initiative and provide millions of Colombians with a holistic health experience that supports financial, mental, physical and social health in a personalized and rewarding way.

“Our mission of empowering our members in the practice of healthy habits through information, motivation, support and rewards is perfectly encapsulated by Welltok’s technology,” said Juan David Escobar, CEO, Seguros SURA Colombia. “Rather than spending years and millions building the technology in-house, we are able to partner with Welltok to bring this innovative, and essential, offering to our members. Welltok’s offering perfectly supports our goals and research on keeping and maintaining a healthier population. Together, we are bettering the lives of the people of Colombia.”

Seguros SURA Colombia is committed to giving its members a best-in-class care experience at every point in their journey. It selected Welltok’s data-driven platform to serve as the primary destination for members and dependents to conveniently access SURA’s wellbeing programs and engage in health-related activities. Each member will receive a Personal Health Itinerary® with highly relevant programming such as learning about financial planning, joining a stress management program or getting a flu shot.

“The importance of driving consumer actions and connecting people with the resources and programs that matter for them translates across all regions and nationalities,” said Jeff Margolis, Welltok CEO and chairman. “We look forward to helping SURA achieve its mission-driven goals of improving lives, managing healthcare costs and increasing productivity. This is a tremendous growth opportunity for both parties and we are honored to be innovating with such a great industry leader.”

Similar to Welltok’s existing clients, SURA was attracted to the personalization capabilities of the platform. It features proprietary consumer data on millions of consumers, including social determinants of health variables like household composition, education level and car or home ownership. By applying machine learning and artificial intelligence, individual risk, needs and preferred communication channels can be revealed for specific populations globally. Success will be measured by the completion of recommended activities, increased satisfaction and health outcomes.

About Seguros SURA Colombia
With 75 years of experience, this is the largest subsidiary of Suramericana S.A., offering a broad portfolio of insurance solutions and services that deliver sustainability, wellbeing, and competitiveness to more than 12 million clients in the country through the management of trends and risks. Its core business lines include the Life and Non-Life segments, both voluntary insurance (Seguros SURA) and mandatory (EPS SURA – Health Maintenance Organization and ARL SURA – Workers Compensation). The company´s value proposition is complemented by the provision of health services (IPS SURA), diagnostic imaging and clinical laboratory, as well as technical advice and assistance in risk management. It is the country’s leading company in the insurance industry with 24.3% market share at the end of 2019.

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