Welltok Adds Connect Partners to Support Remote Condition Management

Four Innovative Companies Pre-Integrated in Consumer Activation Platform to Provide More Telehealth and Virtual Coaching Options During Quarantine and Beyond

DENVER – May 14, 2020 – Welltok, the consumer activation solutions company, announced the expansion today of its Connect Partner Ecosystem to include more remote condition management programs. Six out of ten adults live with a chronic condition and it is essential that they follow care regimes to avoid traumatic, high-cost events such as emergency room visits. And with the current pandemic, people are seeing their doctors less often so the ability to manage at home is crucial.

The digital health programs Welltok has integrated into its Connect Partner Ecosystem include:

  • Virta Health – combines continuous remote medical care with individualized nutrition therapy to safely and sustainably reverse Type 2 diabetes without medications or surgery
  • Vivante Health – provides an all-in-one digital gut health program. GIThrive empowers people by using interactive technology, clinical science, targeted nutrition and 24/7 human support to improve digestive health, while lowering cost of care.
  • Workit Health– offers a telemedicine addiction treatment program for drinking, drug use, eating disorders and process addictions.
  • Nutrimedy– provides longitudinal support and guidance for over 50 conditions through built-in video appointments with registered dietitians, secure messaging, file sharing, educational content, customizable trackers and AI-enabled photo food logging.

“With people living in a more virtual world, we are seeing a shift in how people are managing conditions,” said Bob Fabbio, Welltok’s CEO. “Our partners are delivering much needed support to help people manage a healthy lifestyle, diabetes, addiction and other conditions at home. We are proud to be making their innovative solutions conveniently available through our platform and connecting them to the people who need them most.”

These partners join an impressive group of companies supporting all aspects of total wellbeing such as sleep and resilience; healthy eating and physical activity; diabetes prevention and more. With the Connect Partner Ecosystem, employer, health plan and health system clients can conveniently select from a curated list of partners that are pre-integrated with Welltok’s Consumer Activation Platform®. Welltok’s platform uniquely combines social determinants of health and clinical data with machine learning to identify who would benefit from the new and existing Connect Partner solutions. This intelligent alignment of resources and individual needs not only ensures consumers get access to highly relevant, personalized programs but also optimizes the investments of sponsoring organizations.

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