Welltok Addresses Mental Health Crisis with New Connect Partners

Company Adds eMindful, Happify Health, SilverCloud Health to Integrated Ecosystem

DENVER – October 15, 2020 – On the heels of World Mental Health Day, Welltok announced the addition of three new Connect Ecosystem Partners to address the mental health crisis compounded by COVID-19. According to a CDC survey, more than 40% of Americans are struggling with mental or behavioral health challenges and many are not receiving treatment.[1] Welltok selected eMindful, Happify Health and SilverCloud Health to round out its ecosystem of curated programs that the nation’s largest employers and health plans can select to support the total wellbeing of millions.

“People’s mental wellbeing has been downplayed and underserved for far too long, especially among minority populations that have been disproportionally affected by the pandemic,” said Winston Ball, vice president of Welltok’s Connect Partner Ecosystem. “We have curated the best of the best to support the multiple facets of mental health including addiction, stress, loneliness, anxiety, mood disorders and more – all accessible digitally to support today’s reality with COVID.” 

Employers and health plans alike are broadening their mental health benefits to support individuals and help avoid long-term medical complications. People across all demographics are increasingly struggling with loneliness, stress and behavioral challenges as the pandemic persists. Welltok has seen month-over-month increase in participation with mental health programming as more people seek resources. To address this high need, Welltok added the following programs to grow and diversify its mental health offerings:

  • eMindful: evidence-based mindfulness programs that can be applied to everyday life and chronic conditions, promoting health, happiness and performance. eMindful offers immediate access to certified teachers who deliver live sessions daily and on-demand content that help build skills and practical strategies to address the evolving stressors of daily life.
  • Happify Health: digital therapeutics and innovative care delivery models to improve mental and physical health. Happify’s digital tools use scientific research from positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness, combined with a gamified approach and leading-edge technology, to impact everyday lives.
  • SilverCloud Health: a digital mental health company that provides on-demand clinically validated care. Informed by 18 years of scientific research, SilverCloud offers more than 30 programs supporting mental health including adaptative programs for higher education and adolescents. 

These innovative programs complement Welltok’s existing mental health category partners including: Workit Health (substance use disorder care), Livongo (behavioral health programs covering wellness through clinical conditions), Total Brain (brain performance self-monitoring and self-care) and meQuilibrium (resilience training). All hand-selected partners are pre-integrated into Welltok’s Consumer Activation Platform or bundled as a solution set, offering seamless integration for clients to launch campaigns to promote programs that specifically meet the needs of their populations. The company’s predictive models also inform which programs will be most effective for a population. This data-driven approach helps optimize spend and connect people with the resources they need most.

To learn more about Welltok’s Connect Partner Ecosystem and its partners across the full spectrum of wellbeing, visit welltok.com/connect-partner-ecosystem/.

[1] CNN “Mental Health Awareness Week” October 9, 2020

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