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Our Total
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Over 80% of employees don’t know where to find benefits available to them. Welltok solves this by providing a single destination for total wellbeing programs, benefits info and rewards, personalized to the individual to drive action. Our secret sauce to personalization is our massive consumer database and ability to leverage predictive insights to pinpoint who may or may not take action.

We go beyond traditional employee wellness programs, by creating a benefits hub that employees and dependents find easy and fun to use. We make it easy to combine your existing programs with our curated Connect Partner Ecosystem so you can provide access to all of your benefits programs with just one login and cover the full spectrum of wellbeing – physical, financial, mental, purpose and social.

By leveraging predictive analytics and in-house expertise, we drive greater value out of your investments and deliver a personalized, rewarding experience for your workforce. Understanding employees and dependents beyond an eligibility file allows you to be more inclusive, support diversity and create more equity in terms of benefits, access to care and support. See how we solve your biggest challenges.

Solution Value


Smart program design that aligns the best programs with the right people


Deeper understanding of your population and what they need


Easy access to all relevant resources for each person in one place


Engage with employees across up to 9 channels far exceeding the reach of traditional email


More actions & value
from the benefits & resources
you’re already invested in


AI-powered chatbot for
on-demand benefit navigation
and questions

Solution Results

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actions completed
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