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You made great strides sponsoring more wellbeing offerings, but are they reaching the right people and aligned with the right incentives? Welltok provides a single destination for total wellbeing benefits and rewards, personalized to the individual to drive action. Our smart mix of proprietary data, advanced analytics and multi-channel engagement motivates and rewards individuals for taking action to improve their total wellbeing – physical, financial, mental, purpose and social.

With Welltok as a partner, we make it easy to embed this solution in your standard wellbeing offering combining your existing programs with our library of programs including ones from third party digital health partners.

Solution Value


Smart program design that aligns the best programs with the right people


Deeper understanding of your population and what they need


Easy access to all relevant resources for each person in one place


Use the most effective multi-channel communications


More actions and value from the programs you’re already invested in


AI-powered chatbot for on-demand benefit navigation and questions


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