New Multi-Generational Survey Reveals What’s on the Minds of Health Consumers

Survey by Welltok, meQuilibrium and Zipongo Captures How Health Priorities, Stress Triggers and Eating Habits Vary by Age, Gender and Region

DENVER, October 24, 2017 – A new multi-generational survey reveals that while Americans have similar wellbeing priorities, the causes and impact vary by age, income, household composition and location. Consumer health innovators WelltokmeQuilibrium and Zipongo joined forces to conduct a national survey of 2,000 full-time employees to gain new insights on how wellbeing, stress triggers and eating habits differ across multiple demographics. The results were released today in the in-depth report Consumer Health POV 2017.

“More than 70 percent of what drives a person’s health status are environment and lifestyle, so it is imperative for population health managers to better understand their members, employees or patients as healthcare consumers, in order to effectively engage with them, provide support and drive change,” said Michelle Snyder, chief marketing officer for Welltok. “The survey results support the notion that health and wellbeing go well beyond physical health, and that individuals need more holistic support around their emotional, social and financial health as well.”

Consumer Health POV 2017 provides direct insight into what matters most to health consumers across multiple demographics. The report also delves deep on the following topics:

  • Americans are stressed out: The majority (92 percent) of survey respondents report experiencing stress in their lives, which is significant since stress and related unhealthy behaviors cost organizations as much as $300 billion a year (World Health Organization). Consumer Health POV 2017 reveals that the sources and impact of stress vary across demographics. Younger generations report taking more of an emotional hit from stress, whereas individuals 45 and older are more likely to be sleep deprived.
  • Married with children requires resilience: Resilience is the ability to adapt well and recover quickly from stress, and resilient people are five times more likely to have very good or excellent health. Interestingly, millennials report being stressed the most, but 50 percent think they are very resilient. Not surprisingly, men viewed themselves as more resilient than women, and women were harder on themselves with 30 percent reporting a resilience level of six or below. Respondents who are married with children rated themselves more resilient than other cohorts.
  • Convenience top culprit of unhealthy eating: By eating healthier, Americans could reverse chronic disease, help with weight loss and, ultimately, lower healthcare costs. Yet, 88 percent of consumers experience challenges with eating healthy, mostly due to convenience factors. The easiest food choices are not always the healthiest. Northeasterners have the biggest disparity between those who eat healthy often (59 percent) and those who never do (10 percent). Nearly half of respondents said their eating habits are negatively impacting their health. The percentage increases when you focus on single people with dependents (56 percent).

“The report also underscores the need to offer health and wellbeing programs that are personalized for each individual,” added Snyder. “At Welltok, we integrate a vast array of health improvement resources from across the industry and leverage big data to not only understand consumers’ needs, motivations and interests, but connect them with relevant, engaging resources like Zipongo and meQuilibrium. This enables employers, health plans and other population health managers to proactively address what’s on the minds of consumers.”

For further insight into the health consumers’ point of view and what’s keeping them up at night, download the full report with additional data cuts at


To gather the insights presented in Consumer Health POV 2017, Welltok, in partnership with meQuilibrium and Zipongo surveyed 2,000 full-time employees with equal representation across age, region, income and marital status. The survey was conducted online within the United States in August 2017.

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