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Getting it Right

Deliver multi-channel communication campaigns to connect with consumers through their preferred communications channel with the right message at the right time – online or offline
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1 Billion Communications and Counting

Design and executed more than 80,000 programs and sending more than 1 billion communications on behalf of the nation’s largest health plans, pharmacy benefit managers and other population health managers.

Drive engagement by delivering the right combination of automated calls, email, SMS text, direct mail, web and live agent calls based on consumer preferences and needs. We provide the expertise and data on when, where, and how to engage consumers at every stage of their health and life.

Benefits of Engagement Services

Flexible Multi-Channel Communications

Delivers a personalized and effective consumer experience, while providing centralized control and transparency across the enterprise of communications activities.

Creative Expertise

Best practices to engage consumers in their health built on years of “test and learn” methodology, messaging, channels, timing and sequencing.

Engagement Data Management

Centralize and honor consumer communications preferences and permissions, to power better engagement, manage multiple sources of data from vendors and support important compliance initiatives.

Learn how multi-channel outreach closes gaps in diabetes care for a national client

Benefits of Working With Us

Personalized Approach

We communicate with consumers to increase your results and outcomes, in a highly scalable way, which helps organizations improve Star ratings, HEDIS measures, outreach efficiencies, and the consumer experience.


The flexibility of our technology enables us to deliver thousands of communications campaigns, ranging from flu shot to gaps in care reminders. We deliver communications designed to connect and engage the healthcare consumer through personalized, interactive, multilingual, and HIPAA-compliant communications.

Technology Design

From engagement data to campaign management, coupled with multi-channel execution, our technology is designed to help organizations capture and utilize consumer insights. We not only understand how a consumer wants to receive information, but also identify and overcome barriers for that consumer to take action.

Engagement Expertise

We integrate our proprietary behavioral science, consumer marketing expertise, and analytics with our state of the art technology platform to empower organizations to motivate consumers to be more engaged in their health, while delivering better health outcomes and reduced costs.

Communications That Deliver Results

Test and


Increase in transfer rates into a chronic condition management program

Hard to Reach Populations


Reach rate with targeted SMS messaging

Barrier Breaking Messaging


Increase in behavior change with second chance messaging



Per member savings by switching to lower-cost channels