medication adherence
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Our Medication Adherence Solution

Are you reaching people with the right reminders and education, even before they’re late to fill? Power up your outreach with proprietary data, advanced analytics  and predictive insights to pinpoint exactly who will be non-adherent and get ahead of the curve with education, while also nudging key actions for refill and late fills. We use multiple channels with personalized, barrier breaking messages to promote generics or lower-cost alternatives when appropriate to help people adhere to their care plans. 

Solution Value


Higher prescription fill rates

Star Ratings

Higher ratings for adherence quality measures


Streamlined, multi-channel member
outreach and improve medical loss ratio (MLR)


Happier, healthier consumers more
educated about adherence

Solution Results

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Refill revenue in
annual ROI
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Increase in refill rates compared to the unengaged
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Star Rating improvement in Part D adherence categories