Breaking Down #MarketingFails

We've all been there

You spent countless hours brainstorming and creating strategic marketing campaigns only to have them fall flat because they didn’t reach the right audience, or you totally missed the mark with messaging. These #marketingfails happen!

We sat down with our team of hospital marketing experts, many of whom have walked in your shoes, to break down the top marketing mishaps and what you can do to avoid them.

You spent half your budget and it didn’t reach the right audience

Nothing is worse than spending precious ad dollars to reach people that aren’t interested or even a target for your services. To avoid this situation, leverage data with impactability and receptivity markers to identify individuals most likely to respond to and take action as a result of your outreach. Combining your data with consumer data and SDOH insights will allow you to find and reach the right people that not only need your services, like a knee replacement, but are also likely to book a procedure today.

Your campaign isn’t getting the engagement you were hoping for

Reaching the right people is only half of the battle. Once you get in front of them, you need them to convert and take an action. To do this, use multiple communications channels, like direct mail, text and email, including those your target consumers prefer. It’s also important to hit your consumers with the same message more than once using multi-channel, multi-cycle campaigns, which can boost reach up to 98%.

You are a team of one and have limited resources to create and run sophisticated campaigns

Marketing team, party of one anyone? When resources are already stretched thin, it’s hard to dedicate the time and effort that is necessary into running a campaign. You don’t have to go it alone. Find a partner with a team of experts, creative resources, and a dedicated Client Success Manager that can use your data to set up multi-channel, multi-cycle campaigns, help with the creative process, and provide custom reporting with closed-loop ROI. Relying on the experts for help with this can make your team of one feel like an enterprise-level team of marketing rockstars.

You aren’t tracking performance

You feel like you are doing all the right things, but you are just guessing when it comes to performance metrics and ROI. To track the performance of your campaigns and things like engagement and ROI, use metrics that matter to YOUR organization, so you can prove success and focus on the tactics that are working. If you aren’t using a platform that can provide real-time reports and dashboards to monitor campaign performance and make adjustments, you’re missing the mark.


You aren’t using paid social

Did you know that there are 3.78 billion social media users in the world? The chances of your consumers being one of them is very high. What better time to nudge them toward your practice or health system than when they are scrolling through their feed? Not all targeting is created equal though, make sure you are working with a partner that is able to use your existing data and leverage dynamic, predictive models to identify targets at the individual level.

Ready for help?

If you are struggling with any of these #marketingfails it’s time to call in the experts! Welltok can help you supercharge your marketing to attract and retain new and existing patients – and get revenue back in the door fast. Let’s Talk!