Major Corporations Nationwide Select Welltok’s Total Wellbeing Solution

Personalized Platform and Health Transformation Alliance Partnership Propel Continued Growth

Denver, February 5, 2019 – Employee wellbeing is living up to the hype with Welltok’s Total Wellbeing Solution that supports all aspects of health, including financial, social, emotional and physical health. Welltok, the leading consumer health SaaS company, designed its highly-personalized solution to make it easy and rewarding for employees to take control of their health, and employers to achieve value with a more productive, healthy and happy workforce. The solution’s versatility addresses the diverse workforces of clients representing seven major sectors, including technology, finance, food and beverage, retail, health, government and transportation.

Major corporations, many of which are recognized as Best Places to Work, successfully launched total wellbeing programs with Welltok this month. Millions of employees and dependents now have access to Welltok’s consumer activation platform, which organizes benefits, health and wellbeing, and company resources into a seamless and unified experience. Based on predictive modeling and personal goals, employees are connected with relevant programs such as building resilience, diabetes 101, cut the sugar, unplug before bed and money matters.

Welltok’s Total Wellbeing Solution is industry agnostic and helps all types of employers address the biggest challenges associated with employee health and wellbeing. These include low employee engagement with existing programs, lack of personalization, absence of an organized way to select and manage health and wellbeing resources, increasing healthcare costs and the inability to measure program value.

Only Welltok’s Total Wellbeing Solution improves employee engagement and satisfaction, while maximizing investments by:

  • Organizing resources into one seamless web and mobile experience
  • Applying advanced analytics and a proprietary consumer database of 275 million Americans and 800 predictive variables to create a personalized experience for each employee based on their unique needs and preferences
  • Helping employers identify which programs are best for their population, as well as curating, managing and integrating existing and third-party programs
  • Connecting employees with the right programs, at the right time and making it easy for employers to see what actions are being completed
  • Leveraging multiple channels such as text, AI-powered chatbot, automated calls, mail and email, to meet employees where they are
  • Creating a safe, secure and private environment that fosters trust and ensures compliance


“We are proud of the impressive and growing roster of companies we are working with who are making significant strides with total wellbeing initiatives and seeing the value of investing in both their people and their business,” said Scott Rotermund, Welltok’s co-founder and chief growth officer.

The Health Transformation Alliance, a co-op of 50 major corporations, saw the value as well. To accelerate the HTA’s mission of elevating the wellbeing of millions of employees and dependents nationwide, Welltok was selected as its principle partner for consumer health engagement, and data aggregator to analyze performance and share learnings.

“The health of employees and their family members is directly tied to the health of our companies,” said Robert E. Andrews, HTA chief executive officer. “Welltok stood out for its data-driven approach to more effectively get consumers actively involved in their health with the right programs and incentives, as well as evaluate program effectiveness within and across the HTA members.”

Welltok will soon be releasing the Wellbeing Wake-Up Report, a new nationwide survey of 1,000 employees. The report reveals employers are missing the mark (many employees feel wellbeing programs are irrelevant), what type of support employees want (fitness challenges alone are insufficient) and how to increase participation (non-traditional incentives are on the rise). Download your copy of the survey results HERE.

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Welltok is an award-winning consumer activation solutions company that improves people’s total wellbeing. Only Welltok leverages proprietary data and advanced analytics to engage consumers in personalized and rewarding ways to drive action. Our solutions integrate data-driven SaaS software, curated resources and professional services to help health plans, self-funded employers and health systems support healthier, happier populations.

Welltok is an equal opportunity employer.