Health Transformation Alliance Prioritizes Employee Wellbeing with Welltok Partnership

Alliance of 47 Major Corporations Select Welltok as Consumer Engagement Solution of Choice

DENVER – August 21, 2018 —Employee wellbeing receives a major boost with the latest move by the Health Transformation Alliance (HTA). The co-op of major corporations announced today the selection of Welltok as its principal partner for consumer health engagement, accelerating the HTA’s mission to elevate the wellbeing of millions of employees and dependents nationwide.

“Employees’ health is directly tied to the health of our companies,” said Robert Andrews, HTA chief executive officer. “Independently, we were all struggling to identify and manage the best health and wellbeing resources for our employees and how to engage them. Welltok stood out for its data-driven approach to more effectively get employees actively involved in their health with the right programs and incentives, as well as evaluate program effectiveness within and across the HTA members.”

Welltok, the leading enterprise Software as a Service company for consumer health, was selected as the HTA’s principal partner following an extensive vetting process based on its unparalleled ability to:

  • Predict, Manage and Optimize Program Engagement: Only Welltok combines healthcare and non-healthcare data to determine precisely which health and wellbeing programs drive the most value and make the most impact across the employee base, and at an individual level. Welltok can also predict program receptivity and employees’ likelihood to take action through advanced machine learning.
  • Provide a Single Destination to Drive and Reward Healthy Behaviors: By organizing all benefits, health and wellbeing, and company resources into a seamless and unified employee experience, Welltok makes it easy and fun for individuals to take action and get rewarded. Additionally, it supports total wellbeing and all dimensions of health including physical, mental, financial and social health.
  • Reach Employees Where They Are: Welltok applies advanced analytics to tailor campaigns and identify optimal outreach channels. By leveraging multiple channels such as text, AI-powered chatbot, automated calls, mail and email, Welltok effectively engages all types of employees and their dependents on their terms.
  • Maintain Employee Data Security and Privacy: Welltok is committed to the highest standards of information protection and assurance – both HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified. Its award-winning internal security team continuously monitors and assesses programs to ensure the safety, security and trust of employee data.

Welltok will also serve as a data aggregator and analyst for HTA wellbeing initiatives. HTA members have agreed to collectively share data on program investment, employee activities and claims outcomes. For the first time, organizations will have access to a hosted dashboard revealing what is working, or not working, among peer organizations. These types of shared learnings and insights will empower HTA companies to continuously improve total benefit solutions and achieve the macro objectives of bending trend, retaining employees, and improving productivity.

“The HTA continues to be an innovator and powerhouse in the employee benefit arena, working together to create a single source of truth,” said Scott Rotermund, Welltok’s co-founder and chief growth officer. “We are proud to be helping them eliminate the guess work and let the data do the talking. HTA members are now in the enviable position to make data-driven decisions that are most beneficial to their employees’ health and wellbeing – and their bottom line.”

The HTA co-op is comprised of 47 companies, including American Express, IBM and Lincoln Financial, which combined forces to take control of healthcare spend and delivery. Collectively these major corporations spend more than $25 billion a year to provide health coverage and benefits to more than 6 million lives. Through the HTA, these companies have forged alliances with a variety of organizations in the healthcare sector to change how healthcare is delivered to employees—and lower costs. HTA members identified wellbeing as a top priority for their organizations, leading to this new partnership with Welltok and the creation of an unprecedented database.

“There is a lot of attention around employee wellbeing right now. It was important for us to unite on a consumer engagement solution, Welltok, that we can quickly and confidently bring to our employees that will have a direct impact on their lives in and out of the workplace,” George Murphy, senior vice president total rewards for Lincoln Financial Group and co-chair data strategy committee at HTA.

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