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SmartReach™ Solution for Health System Growth

Are you struggling to drive top-line growth or minimize revenue loss? Acquire new and retain existing patients with highly-personalized marketing campaigns that drive more service line use and growth – all in one solution.

Built on the Tea Leaves Health legacy, our SmartReach solution goes beyond traditional CRM with social determinant (SDOH) insights to predict with up to 90% accuracy who has a need and will use your services. Leverage our engagement experts and technology to reach up to 95% of them using multiple integrated digital and offline channels to maximize campaign results like new movers, mammography screenings and more. Keep more revenue in network with Welltok’s Physicianology® by building stronger physician relationships and growing referrals within your system.

Solution Value


Massive proprietary consumer database & predictive analytics inform strategic outreach


Higher service line growth through better patient acquisition and retention


Measure and adjust your growth strategy according to close loop ROI


Capitalizes on lower
cost digital channels


Supports future growth and
patient journey initiatives

Identify & Engage

Physicians who deliver most value with new service line growth opportunities and in-network referrals

Solution Results

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New patients acquired by regional health system
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Prospect to patient conversion rate
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return on every $1 spent on outreach campaign