Improve quality by closing gaps in care like

screenings well visits annual physical vaccines eye exam A1C check

Our Gap Closure Solution

Eliminate the guesswork by precisely identifying health plan members with current or future gaps and pinpointing the ones who would be most receptive to outreach and most likely to take action.

Harness the power of consumer data (including social determinants) and predictive insights with our proven method for closing targeted gaps – even with hard-to-reach members. The result? Better quality ratings (HEDIS, Star, CMS), higher revenue and happier members engaged in their total wellbeing. 

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Solution Value

Mind the Gaps

Close known gaps that improve
quality ratings (HEDIS, Stars)


Use analytics to ensure you are reaching
the right members the right way


Set actions and incentives around
the highest value gaps


Pinpoint members with gaps to close and
use the best channels for efficient outreach

Solution Results

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Gap closure in diabetes screenings for a targeted population
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In annual ROI by improving quality measures
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HEDIS Improvement