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Our Employee
Engagement Solution

Moving to a blended workforce with remote, socially distant, or in-field employees has impacted the way companies communicate and engage. How do you stay connected in this newly disconnected world? Welltok helps employers orchestrate and scale targeted communications efficiently by taking care of everything from strategy to execution and reporting. We meet employees where they are with text messaging for real time updates, postcards for education and automated voice (IVR) for reminders. Supercharge your employee engagement by leveraging multiple channels and target your population with relevant content based on advanced analytics.

Solution Value


Sit back and let our experts do all the work for you to engage and activate employees


Leverage our data and analytics to predict the best ways to engage employees


Increase employee satisfaction by providing the support employees need and want


Engage with your employees across up to 9 channels far exceeding the reach of traditional email


Ensure trust by connecting with employees in secure, HIPAA
compliant way


Access timely reporting to
understand the real impact of your communication strategy


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