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Our SmartReach™ Solution for COVID-19

With COVID cases once again on the rise and vaccines available, the pressure is on to maximize your safety, education and vaccine communications efforts. Welltok helps you engage all types of populations with the most relevant information and resources like COVID testing protocols and vaccine verifications.

Our technology uniquely combines the power of predictive analytics with the accessibility of multiple digital and offline channels to deliver barrier-breaking messaging to the people who need it the most. We’ve successfully delivered millions of COVID-19 communications, resulting in higher vaccination rates, safer worksites and more informed consumers.

Our Vaccine and Testing Compliance Solution

Employers are in the hot seat with the impending vaccine mandate. Welltok Verify is a turnkey solution that quickly and easily captures test results, exemption requests and proof of vaccination with AI validation of uploaded records. HR teams will have a clear, consolidated view of critical stats and detailed rosters to demonstrate compliance too. Read the press release to learn more.


Best Practice Communication
During a Pandemic

We have pre-built campaigns to support your communication strategy during a pandemic – built on the success of millions of already deployed COVID-19 touchpoints. Be proactive and engage people based on their preferred communication channel:

Respond &

Send key information on hygiene and contact, prevention guidelines, testing, symptoms, and precautionary measures


Connecting with telehealth, supporting
work and school from home,
managing loneliness

Return to Worksite; Reopening

Reinforce prevention basics and
office rules, triaging care needs,
link to key resources

Testing &

Provide and promote convenient screening and testing options for COVID-19, and vaccine information & reminders

Solution Value

Match needs with resources

Leverage our data and analytics to predict with up to 90% accuracy who is in need and likely to take action based on insights from 275M people

Execute quick and effective outreach

Accurately target your population
with the right message using a
multi-channel approach

Stay ahead of an evolving crisis

Be ready with pre-set campaigns, tools, testing resources and upcoming vaccination availability

COVID Best Practices and Insights


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