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Our COVID-19 Solution

With COVID cases soaring and two possible vaccines on the way, it puts the pressure on to have your COVID and vaccine campaigns ready so you can start outreach fast. Welltok helps you keep everyone up to date with the most relevant information and resources based on their individual circumstances. From curated data and analytics to understand your population’s risks, to multi-channel outreach (text, IVR, email, direct mail, etc.) for timely and effective communication, to testing and vaccination resources to prevent the spread of COVID, we’ve got you covered at every stage. We’ve successfully delivered millions of COVID-19 communications and are now integrated with several testing partners and are supporting vaccine readiness efforts to support public health. 

Best Practice Communication
During a Pandemic

We have pre-built campaigns to support your communication strategy during a pandemic – built on the success of millions of already deployed COVID-19 touchpoints. Be proactive and engage people based on where they are:

Respond &

Key information on hygiene and contact, prevention guidelines, testing, symptoms, and precautionary measures


Connecting with telehealth, supporting
work and school from home,
managing loneliness

Return to Worksite; Reopening

Reinforce prevention basics and
office rules, triaging care needs,
link to key resources

Testing &

Provide and promote convenient screening and testing options for COVID-19, and vaccine when available

Solution Value

Match needs with resources

Understand your population to
deploy critical information
or support

Execute quick and effective outreach

Accurately target your population
with the right message using a
multi-channel approach

Stay ahead of an evolving crisis

Be ready with pre-set campaigns, tools, testing resources and upcoming vaccination availability

COVID Best Practices and

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COVID-19 Relevant Resources from
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