Build consumer
loyalty with

multi-channel touchpoints rewards relevant programs incentives  

Our Consumer
Loyalty Solution

How are you providing a consumer-grade experience and keeping top-of-mind these days? Consumers are constantly being distracted so you need to show value and show it fast to keep them engaged and loyal. Welltok helps organizations target and retain consumers by orchestrating and scaling targeted multi-channel outreach, providing relevant messaging and information, and rewarding consumers for actions taken with our extensive catalogue of gift cards, merchandise and more. With over a decade of experience in incentive program design and rewards fulfillment, we create rewarding, personalized experiences that drive up engagement and create consumer loyalty.

Solution Value

Personalized Outreach

Intelligently align the best message and reward with the right people by using predictive analytics


Leverage multi-channel, multi-cycle communications
to connect and engage


Experience unmatched industry expertise in consumer outreach & retention, incentive program design and rewards fulfillment


Leverage incentives to keep consumers
motivated, engaged and loyal

Solution Results

0 %
Increase in earning rewards compared to previous years
0 %
Feel more
loyal to their
ROI 2000:1 for multi-cycle acquisition campaign