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SmartReach™ Solution for Consumer Engagement

Reaching a diverse population who are remote, socially distant, or unengaged is challenging in today’s world. How do you stay connected throughout constant change? Welltok helps organizations orchestrate and scale targeted communications efficiently by taking care of everything from strategy to execution and reporting. SmartReach for consumer engagement combines the power of our vast proprietary consumer database with your existing data to predict individuals at risk and those most likely to engage, and then reach them across multiple channels to drive action.

Our team of in-house experts are ready to design, create and deploy targeted communications to engage and educate any consumer where they are. We connect with people with text messaging for real time updates, postcards for education and automated voice (IVR) for reminders. Supercharge your outreach by leveraging multiple channels to target your population with the most relevant content based on predictive insights and maximize your outreach using our proprietary reporting dashboards to determine which content is resonating with your people.

Solution Value


Sit back and let our experts do all the work for you to engage and activate your population


Leverage our data & analytics to predict with up to 90% accuracy who is in need and likely to take action based on insights from 275M people


Increase consumer satisfaction by sending the right amount and ideally timed communication


We protect the privacy of your people, partners and data


Ensure trust by connecting with employees in secure, HIPAA
compliant way


Understand the real impact your communication strategy is making with robust dashboards and key performance metrics

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