80% of Adults Achieve Their Wellbeing Goals Better with Welltok Than Alone

New Survey Also Reveals High Loyalty and Productivity Associated with Use of Welltok’s Consumer Activation Platform

Denver – May 4, 2020 – From losing 57 pounds and getting diabetes under control to learning better ways to cope with stress, individuals nationwide shared positive experiences with Welltok’s consumer activation platform in a new user survey. Amid the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, people are seeing significant value in having a dedicated place to engage in physical, emotional, financial and social wellbeing activities. Plus, employers benefit from healthier, more loyal and productive workers as a result, according to a user survey of 10,000 adults.

“If COVID-19 has shown us anything, it is that we cannot do this alone,” said Bob Fabbio, Welltok’s CEO. “People are feeling burnt-out and struggling with self-care right now. By providing a place where people can easily find total wellbeing resources, we are helping them take healthy actions like getting quality sleep, creating a quiet space and doing home workouts. These ‘little wins’ are making a real difference in people’s lives and deepening relationships with their employers too.”

Large employers across the nation leverage Welltok’s consumer activation platform to boost employee participation in and completion of sponsored programs. By using the perfect mix of proprietary data, advanced analytics and multi-channel engagement, the platform motivates and rewards individuals for taking action that improves their wellbeing. To capture user feedback on the platform’s value and experience, the company surveyed over 10,000 adults, and reports:

  • 80% of people achieved their health and wellbeing goals better with Welltok’s platform than on their own.
  • 84% expect to have a wellbeing platform available to them and are more loyal and productive as a result.
  • Top 6 things people want support for include: eating healthy, being more active, getting more sleep, managing stress, being financially stable and avoiding getting sick.
  • 85% of responders enjoy using the Welltok platform and are seeing real results. Specific improvements people highlighted include weight loss, better nutrition, less anxiety/stress, more exercise, smoking cessation, more motivation to stay healthy, lower blood pressure and better managed finances.

“We are always seeking real-time feedback from our end users and continuing to evolve our solution based on their needs and the needs of the program sponsors. As a timely example, our platform is serving as a primary way to prepare employees for their return to worksites and ease people through the transition,” Fabbio added. “After COVID-19, the need for total wellbeing support is greater now than ever before and, as a purpose-driven organization, we are so pleased to see what a positive impact we are helping organizations provide to their people.”

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Welltok is an award-winning consumer activation solutions company that improves people’s total wellbeing. Only Welltok leverages proprietary data and advanced analytics to engage consumers in personalized and rewarding ways to drive action. Our solutions integrate data-driven SaaS software, curated resources and professional services to help health plans, self-funded employers and health systems support healthier, happier populations.

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