with purpose

Improving people's

Actions with purpose.

Improving people's

We're THE Consumer Activation Company

Welltok’s secret sauce (5 key differentiators, actually) to getting people to take actions that improve their total wellbeing:


We combine clinical, engagement, and social determinants of health
data to really know people


We apply machine learning to predict who may or
may not take action


We reach people where
they are and motivate
them to take action


We build trust with
our world-class
privacy and security


We get healthcare with
deep expertise across
all markets and systems

Create a Chain Reaction

We help you connect with people on a personal level to take actions with a purpose like joining a stress management program, refilling a prescription or scheduling a well visit. Our solutions are a smart mix of a Consumer Activation Platform, curated resources, a partner ecosystem and top-notch professional services to help health plans, employers and health systems achieve their goals.

Join the In Crowd

We are a trusted partner and friend to our clients. We are proud of what we have accomplished together and are eager to do the same for you! Learn how we can help meet your business objectives with our award-winning solutions designed to address current and future needs.  

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