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Our Member
Retention Solution

We help plans of all sizes solve the disenrollment puzzle by identifying who is at risk for leaving when there is still time to do something about it. Welltok provides a proactive and innovative approach to retention from day one, nailing the key touchpoints that drive stickiness and member loyalty. This means getting ahead of potential disenrollment risk, delivering a better welcome experience, and improving the annual plan change process – while creating stickiness with personalized resources for total wellbeing.

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Solution Value


Predict exactly who will disenroll and proactively reach out to prevent it


Enhance Star (and other quality) ratings and revenue


Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of member outreach


Create a year-round retention-focused experience across channels


Boost engagement with current programs and resources


Retain happier members that participate in their wellbeing


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Decrease in disenrollment rates across population
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Improved Star
Ratings for disenrollment measure
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Outreach success rates for targeted campaigns